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Menifee is rapidly growing, with all growing cities, this means we are faced with new and challenging issues in the city.

Family Support

There is a great need for Volunteer positions in the city. We need to provide more educational assistance for K-12 parents in various forms utilizing assets available to us now.

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Public Safety

Our homeless population has been increasing. Simply relocating these humans is not the answer, rather we need to push the state to provide resources and programs to rehabilitate them so they may become part of the functioning community. (Read More)

Senior Citizen Support

Our senior population needs services tailored to their individual needs. District 1 is the district with the most seniors, yet our roads. At minimum our roads need reflectors to help our seniors see the roads better at night. This is a huge safety concern for our most vulnerable population. (Read More)

Volunteer and Internships

As the city grows so does its need to expand, however before spending more tax payers money, there needs to be volunteer opportunities for people to help in all aspects of the city. This helps keep the city from hiding anything from the public and provides opportunities to its citizens.  (Read More)

Transparency on all Issues

There is a need to provide transparency on all issues within the city, simply keeping information from the citizens is wrong. The city works for the people not the other way around. (Read More)

Additional Revenue Resources to Cut back on Sales Taxes

With the effort of finding resolutions to our city’s issues and our common desire of reducing taxes. I have focused on strategically researching areas where our taxes can be better utilized by generating more tax revenue without having to increase sales tax.

For instance, Cannabis has been a growing industry since it was legalized in California. In California alone in 2018, 5.6 Billion dollars were spent by consumers. The annual growth has been 150%.

District 1 in Menifee is predominantly 55+. The elderly has been turning to cannabis use as a method of treatment for their medical issue; thus, the consumption of cannabis has grown by 455 percent.

The city of Perris collects approximately 2.3 million dollars a year in cannabis taxes. As of August 2020, In District 1 there are approximately 9,613 55+ residents. If we assume that 1% uses medical cannabis regularly that is 96 consumers, 10% is a total of 961 users that need medical cannabis. That is a large chunk of tax the city is giving to Perris and other adjacent cities that sell medical Cannabis. As a future Councilmember of District 1, I will push for the city to consider making it appealing for companies to open a cannabis retail store in Menifee. Parallel to this, we can create stricter laws prohibiting the use in public.  As the information above only accounts for District 1, we can envision more revenue from other districts.


For more information please refer to and search cannabis California there is tons of valuable information there.

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